Go to an Impact Wrestling event


It’s a simple suggestion:  Go to an Impact Wrestling event. The first section of this piece is meant for people out there that don’t consider themselves to be Impact fans.  I see a lot of criticism for Impact, but do these negativity-spewing critics even know what’s really going on with […]

Is Impact Wrestling the new ECW?


The short answer is to that question is no, but it’s more complicated than that.  Take into consideration the “2300 Arena in Philadelphia” episode that we just saw and the more yet to come.  You also have to account for the the fact that Tommy Dreamer is the wrestler who […]

Pro Wrestling Discussion | January 2019 Week 4


Discuss Pro Wrestling promotions from around the world, feel free to post news, videos, etc. Just keep all spoilers and teases in our spoiler discussion room, stay civil and and enjoy! DPW News The Ultimate Bar Brawl is on Fite TV tonight. NJPW New Beginning Los Angeles results. Updated card for Warrior […]