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International Wrestling Superstar Taya Valkyrie, the longest reigning IMPACT Knockouts Champion of all time, recently spoke with Sportskeeda about the high morale in the locker room and more.

We have highlights of Taya speaking about the current IMPACT locker room high morale, Tessa Blanchard, Intergender Wrestling and more from Sportskeeda. Also the full Dropkick Diskussions video with Gary Cassidy posted below.

Taya on the buzz and high morale in the current IMPACT locker room-

I definitely think that, over the last two or three years, the fans, and obviously you’ve noticed this kind of evolution that has happened in IMPACT. There were so many dark shadows from times past that kinda followed us into this new regime but I feel like we’ve kind of been able to shake that off and really show our resilience as a brand, as a company, and as a roster – and we have so many new and talented people in our roster that people haven’t really had a chance to see before.

Behind the scenes, the roster all supports each other, and it’s a positive environment where we all watch each other’s matches and we all discuss what’s going on with one another. There is this weird separation that I’ve heard that happens in other brands, and we’re just allowed to be as creative as possible.

When you know your bosses have this kind of confidence in you, that’s when people thrive and put out their best work because I can come with ideas and they can shut them down, and I am okay with that, or they’re like, “Oh, my God, that is amazing,” and we run with it.

Everyone shares their opinions and everyone is very supportive of one another. I know that has helped me immensely this year in the growth of Taya Valkyrie as a character – from having my backstage segments being agented by Jimmy Jacobs and Gail [Kim] presenting me with good opportunities to wrestle my way and do things in my style, and really be open to my crazy ideas, as an agent, for my matches. It’s been a wonderful, positive work environment.

On possibly doing more Intergender matches after Tessa Blanchard became World Champion-

Well, I’ve been facing men and doing intergender wrestling, honestly, from the very beginning of my career. Lucha Libre has intergender matches every single TV show, AAA has it all the time, mixed tag matches and even one-on-one situations where I’ve had them in Lucha Underground over the years.

I have been at the forefront of intergender wrestling since the beginning, and people seem to forget that and maybe don’t think that I’m capable of doing it, I’m not really sure, but I’ve proven, over the course of nine years, that I’m not only capable of wrestling men, but I’m capable of beating them.

Tessa – I have her number. I believe that I am the number one contender for that spot. I believe that, over the last year, since she lost that [Knockouts] title, she hasn’t faced women in eight or nine months. I think she ran scared from me, I think she realized that she can’t hang with us anymore and I not only stripped her of the Knockouts title, I also stripped her of the Reina de Reinas title at Madison Square Garden, which makes me three times Reina de Reinas Champion for Lucha Libre AAA.

Whenever she is ready and done fighting in the mud puddles with Sami Callihan, I am here – waiting.

On which wrestlers to watch out for in 2020-

I’m picking two people because I’m picking them both for different reasons.

I think Jordynne Grace has evolved immensely, especially in the last few months, and her fire and desire for opportunities and recognition have just grown, and I think that’s very interesting, and she’s always been a very, very good technical wrestler that comes with a million ideas and she’s definitely someone to watch.

I would also put Kiera Hogan as the other one to watch. I think, over the last year, her confidence and her true self have shown through so much. I think really, when someone is happy in their life, that it’s very apparent in their performance. I know that, even for myself, when I was going through a lot of things, it was very apparent in my performances.

I’m in a very good and positive space in my life and I feel like that really resonates. I think that’s true for Kiera Hogan and I’m very excited to see the blue flame, the firefly glow, and the butterfly really is becoming. And I’m as entertained as all of you watching her so I really can’t wait to see what she does.

You can read the full interview at Sportskeeda.

IMPACT is taping in Las Vegas for the next two nights. Tonight’s show is SOLD OUT, but you can find ticket info and more for Sundays show at the link.

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