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“The Dr. Oz Show” Guests & Previews for the Week of January 10 2022

Guests and preview for this week’s (January 10, 2022) all-new episodes of “The Dr. Oz Show”

“The Dr. Oz Show” airs weekdays at 1PM ET on FOX in most areas. Watch previous episodes and find your local listings at DoctorOz.com. The series also airs on Pluto TV, which is free with ads. “The Dr. Oz Show” highlights can be found on the official YouTube page.

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  • Monday, January 10: How to feel lighter and more comfortable; bloat-fighting foods to pair with tea; five things to do when a doctor diagnoses high blood pressure.
  • Tuesday, January 11: A woman’s home is stolen from her; how to avoid being a victim of home thieves; five things to do when a doctor diagnoses high blood sugar.
  • Wednesday, January 12: Sampling fast-food burgers; how to make them at home; five things to do when a doctor diagnoses high cholesterol; new salad recipes.
  • Thursday, January 13: A survivor of a notorious serial predator posing as an anesthesiologist and her daughter break their silence about the man they once knew; five things to do when a doctor diagnoses inflammation.
  • Friday, January 14: Products get smaller in size but prices stay the same; how to beat “shrinkflation”; Maria Shriver on life as a grandmother and her brain health boosting advice.

Listings are subject to change.

Oz Show (or simply Oz) is an American daytime television talk show featuring Dr.Mehmet Oz. Each episode has segments on health, wellness and medical information, sometimes including true crime stories and celebrity interviews.

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