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The “Dr. Phil” Show Guests & Previews for the Week of December 27 2021

Check out this week’s (December 27, 2021) guests and previews for all-new episodes of the “Dr. Phil” show

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  • Monday, December 27: After the emotional video uncovering her husband cheating with multiple women went viral online, Jenaye thinks it’s time for a divorce; her husband, who claims he is willing to do anything to keep his family together, blames her for his infidelity.
  • Tuesday, December 28: Jenaye comes face to face with the woman her husband cheated with on their anniversary, his former hairstylist, Chelsey. Find out why Chelsey believes she has not only done nothing wrong, but is a victim herself.
  • Wednesday, December 29: Fran says she’s in love despite multiple failed attempts to meet the online lover she’s sent over $30,000; her siblings say the love isn’t real – and neither is the man. Dr. Phil attempts to unite Fran with the online man who promised to pay her back.
  • Thursday, December 30: A mother says that her 32-year-old daughter has been using drugs and alcohol since she was a child and has overdosed multiple times; while she has tried rehabs and detox centers, she can’t stay clean without facing her traumas.
  • Friday, December 31: Preempted by NCAA coverage.

Listings are subject to change.

This week’s episodes are all encores.

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