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The “Dr. Phil” Show Guests & Previews for the Week of January 10 2022

This week’s (January 10, 2022) guests and previews for all-new episodes of the “Dr. Phil” show

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  • Monday, January 10: Larry and his wife, Marsha, say Larry’s 32-year-old daughter, Taylor, accused Larry of sexually abusing her as a child – an accusation Larry vehemently denies. Taylor claims she experienced these flashbacks as an adult after seeking therapy.
  • Tuesday, January 11: Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Taylor and her mother, Jan, who both agree that Taylor is suffering from trauma. Hear why Dr. Phil questions if mother and daughter may have a dysfunctional relationship.
  • Wednesday, January 12: Shelly and Oggie say they couldn’t be more different in their parenting styles. Shelly says she’s tired of being the ‘bad cop’ while Oggie gets to play the fun, ‘good cop.’ Shelly says her husband is always giving in to their 6-year-old daughter.
  • Thursday, January 13: Abby says her 17-year-old son, Aidan, used to be a straight-A student but has now turned into a stealing, violent, wannabe gangster. She says the teen’s behaviour is so out of control that he has physically pushed her and has broken down their front door.
  • Friday, January 14: Caitlin claims her sister Rebecca is in complete denial that she has a drug addiction, alleging that she ‘doctor shops’ to obtain different prescription medications. Rebecca denies these claims, saying doctors have prescribed all her medications.

Listings are subject to change.

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