The “Dr. Phil” Show Guests & Previews for the Week of January 3 2022


Check out this week’s (January 3, 2022) guests and previews for all-new episodes of the “Dr. Phil” show

The “Dr. Phil” show airs weekdays at 3PM ET on CBS in most areas. You can find your local listings and how to be part of the audience at Highlights are available on the official YouTube page linked above. The show is also available on Pluto TV, which is free with ads.

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  • Monday, January 3: Monica says she used to be an English teacher, a marathon runner, and happy and she wants her old life back. She says she now weighs only 90lbs. and her life consists of lying in bed.
  • Tuesday, January 4: Tammy and Mark claim they haven’t spoken to their son, Cory, in over a year. They say that’s completely because of Cory’s wife, Katrina, who they claim is manipulative, mentally ill, and quite literally, a witch.
  • Wednesday, January 5: Dr. Phil tackles one of the most divisive topics of the year: Critical Race Theory (CRT). Dr. Phil invites passionate parents on both sides of this great debate, including Tiffany and Quisha, founders of the group ‘Mothers for Liberty.’
  • Thursday, January 6: Sumyr and her partner, Wayne, say every day is a ‘chaotic, hellish, nightmare’ because of her out-of-control 13-year-old son, Ash. Sumyr claims if they ever say ‘no’ to Ash, he will hit, bite, and kick them and sometimes hurt their dogs.
  • Friday, January 7: Amanda says she is worried for her 17-year-old daughter, Ollie. She says even though she and her husband, Junior, used drugs excessively during most of Ollie’s childhood, they are doing the best that they can in parenting Ollie.

Listings are subject to change.

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