The “Dr. Phil” Show Guests & Previews for the Week of November 29 2021


Check out this week’s (November 29, 2021) guests and previews for all-new episodes of the “Dr. Phil” show

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  • Monday, November 29: Jessica says her once successful Uncle Ed had a long-standing career in the aerospace industry but lost everything in just six months. She says he left his home, marriage, children, and job and began street performing and preaching as ‘Cowboy Tygg.’
  • Tuesday, November 30: Former criminal prosecutor Loni Coombs, tribal filmmaker Rain, and Representative Greg Stanton of Arizona tackle the nationwide epidemic of missing Indigenous women with Dr. Phil.
  • Wednesday, December 1: BillieSue admits she enabled her now adult children, Alex and Hana, so badly that it’s akin to child abuse. She says her enabling turned them into hateful, disrespectful menaces to society.
  • Thursday, December 2: Dr. Phil devotes his platform to the current shoplifting crisis that is sweeping the nation, an epidemic that, according to experts, is costing the retail industry over 45 billion dollars a year.
  • Friday, December 3: Today, meet two young adults who desperately need Dr. Phil’s advice. Patriece and Eric say their son, Erin, is ready to drop out of college to pursue his dream of becoming the next big social media star.

Listings are subject to change.

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