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The XFL announced their new set of rules today, you can also see the full schedule from XFL.com. One of their main focuses is on speeding up the game in general, some common sense rules and more.

The 2020 XFL TV schedule and the new XFL rules are below.

From XFL.com

America’s favorite game is evolving, and that means less stall and more ball.

When the XFL Opening Weekend kicks off on Feb. 8, our new league will feature exciting gameplay innovations that deliver what football fans have told us they want — a faster pace of play and more action.

With these 5 Gameplay Innovations5 Timing Changes, and 5 Common Sense Rules, we’re building on traditional football while preserving its authenticity. 

5 Gameplay Innovations: Kickoff | Point-After Touchdown | Punt | Double-Forward Pass | Overtime

5 Timing Changes: 25-Second Play Clock | Comeback Period | Running Game Clock | Timeouts | Replay Rulings

5 Common Sense Rules: 1 Foot Inbounds | Ball-Spotting Official | Coach-Player Communication | Simplified Illegal Man Downfield | Shorter Halftime

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