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There is a reason the website is named DiscussPW, the intention of this website when it started was to create a place for fans to discuss what they love and creating somewhat of a close-knit community for pro wrestling fans in general, we can disagree on certain things but in the end, come out being civil with each other. Some things changed if you were to browse around the site. Check out our discussions, you will soon realize that TNA Wrestling has its own discussion.

The reasoning behind having it like this is that our community is primarily fans of TNA Wrestling. Thus having a discussion just focused on that promotion makes the most sense. That doesn’t mean our community is against other promotions outside of the Impact bubble, which leads us to the General Wrestling Discussion (Discuss Pro Wrestling). This is for fans of everything outside of TNA, if you are not a fan of TNA that’s totally fine! Share your opinion on whatever promotion you enjoy! Whether that is AEW, WWE, NJPW, your local independent promotion, or topics relating to pro wrestling, share whatever you like.

Everything outside of the pro wrestling bubble

The Entertainment discussion (Discuss Entertainment) is for everything outside of the pro wrestling bubble. Whether it’s your favorite movie on Netflix, or you just finished a video game, did you like that new album from your favorite artist? Share your opinion on whatever it is.

Lastly is the Spoiler discussion (Discuss Spoilers), this is for any spoilers out there that you want to discuss, some fans do enjoy reading spoilers for shows so we created a separate discussion for that, please keep spoilers in this discussion, most fans enjoy waiting for the show to air. Besides that, make sure you check out our posting guidelines and enjoy your stay