Pro Wrestling

DiscussPW is a place for wrestling fans to come together and discuss pro wrestling. We also help fans find tickets and information on over 200 professional wrestling events as well as the odd event outside of the pro wrestling world. Don’t forget to check out one of Big Dawg’s latest columns, maybe some news or a show that is live on Twitch. DiscussPW has an emphasis on Impact Wrestling, that doesn’t mean we don’t focus on other promotions, its just that we might focus on following everything that goes on with the Impact product and Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corporation a little bit more than everything else. We always host every Impact event that is on Twitch in our dedicated Twitch discussion. Beyond providing information on professional wrestling events, news, updates and our Pro Wrestling Discussion.

We also have a discussion aimed towards entertainment. This discussion has a focus on everything outside of pro wrestling, like a certain movie? Express your opinion. Have you been on a Netflix binge? Lets hear about it. If Call Of Duty is your game lets see how you play. Is your favorite sports team doing really well? Share your fandom!

When commenting, make sure you keep things civil. Discuss what you want in the certain designated discussions. Make sure to keep the spoilers in the Spoiler Discussion, we don’t want to be spoiling future episodes for those who prefer not to look at spoilers. If you are not a fan of Impact, please do not comment in the Impact discussion. It is okay to state your opinion and ways you feel they can improve, just do not go out of your way to state that opinion and continuously post it resulting in arguments and negative culture. Besides that, we are a very friendly and open community. Please don’t be afraid of our comment approval, it is just to disrupt spam and negativity. Enjoy your stay and lets create some DISCUSSION!