What Match Should Main Event Night 1 Of WrestleMania 39?

Jordan Turner

Hey, people. What’s going on? It’s Jordan Turner of The Wrestling Takeover, and I’m back once again with another opinion article on DiscussPW. I will detail who I not only think should main event night one of WrestleMania, but which one makes sense. Plus, I will chronicle why each match […]

Go to an Impact Wrestling event


It’s a simple suggestion:  Go to an Impact Wrestling event. The first section of this piece is meant for people out there that don’t consider themselves to be Impact fans.  I see a lot of criticism for Impact, but do these negativity-spewing critics even know what’s really going on with […]

Is Impact Wrestling the new ECW?


The short answer is to that question is no, but it’s more complicated than that.  Take into consideration the “2300 Arena in Philadelphia” episode that we just saw and the more yet to come.  You also have to account for the the fact that Tommy Dreamer is the wrestler who […]

Impact is Rolling into Rebellion


    As Impact Wrestling makes its way through April, it’s fair to say that they are positioning themselves for a significant upcoming run regarding the remainder of 2019.  Impact has been producing steady and consistent episodes.  There have also been many solid to great wrestling matches from most of […]

2018: “The Rebound Year” for Impact Wrestling


    Let’s get right down to it.  Impact Wrestling deserves more respect from the Internet Wrestling Community than they are currently receiving.  Once in a blue moon, when it needs to be pointed out, I will beat this drum and I am going to beat it now.  Where are […]

5 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to BFG


  I’m going to keep this piece shorter than usual and to the point.  While it may be somewhat true that the build for this Pay-Per-View could have perhaps been a bit more effective, there’s still a lot of anticipation and excitement for the Impact Wrestling product right now heading […]