10 Wrestkubg WWE Should build

10 Wrestlers WWE Should Build The Company Around

10 Wrestkubg WWE Should build

Fans have told WWE that they need to start building up new stars, and it sure seems WWE is finally listening. The thing is, they want to create the stars that they want. I will rank ten that WWE should consider building the company around.

By Jordan Turner

WWE is a struggling company creatively. Just watch the show, and you can see it. The problem isn’t the wrestlers, it’s the management, and until management realizes it, nothing will change… that’s their problem. They have a lot of star potential, and they need to embrace it and build for the future. Let’s get started.

10 Nikkita Lyons

10/ Nikkita Lyons

Nikkita Lyons is being pushed heavily on NXT 2.0, and she has the look and microphone ability. The question is, does she have the wrestling ability? The answer is no, not right now. Though, if you pay attention, you can see the progression, and Vince McMahon is entirely behind her. So she has a bright future for herself, and I can’t wait to see where she goes in WWE.

9/ Solo Sikoa

He’s the brother of The Usos and the cousin of Roman Reigns. His future is extremely bright if you ask me just by the simple fact that he’s related by blood. From the short time I’ve seen him in MLW, I was impressed, and now in NXT 2.0, he is defiantly the future of the Samoan Dynasty and a part of the future in WWE. He will be just fine…

8/ Bianca Belair

I mean… We know who Bianca Belair is, and right away in NXT, we all knew the future was bright for her. She’s accomplished so much in so little time, not only on the main roster but in WWE, period. Just because she’s accomplished a lot already, I feel she still has a lot to do in WWE, and from the booking, it’s clear that Vince McMahon is a fan of her. I can’t wait to see where she will be in the next five years.

7 Rhea Ripley

7/ Rhea Ripley

When it comes to Rhea Ripley, her booking hasn’t been on the level of Bianca Belair. I have a fan theory that in the beginning, when both Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair came up together, Vince McMahon picked Bianca Belair as the girl to push first out of the two. I believe that… Since Rhea Ripley has joined Edge in Judgement Day, I hope she has a career resurgence. She’s too talented to be wasted on the main roster. She’s just as good as Bianca Belair is, though, except for the microphone ability…

6 Gable Stevenson

6/ Gable Steveson

WWE is very high on him. We haven’t seen him compete yet, but his brother debuted on NXT 2.0. Here’s the thing, I see Gable Steveson immediately going up to the main roster. I hope Gable Steveson and Chad Gable become a duo and Kurt Angle becomes their manager. Team Angle 2.0 sounds good to me. Gable Steveson has a lot of potential to live up to. Will he live up to them? I hope so.

5 Santos Escobar

5/ Santos Escobar

This guy should’ve been on the main roster a year ago. He has everything you’re looking for when it comes to that ”Latino star.” He reminds me of Eddie Guerrerro, and we all love Eddie Guerrero. The issue in WWE’s eyes is that Santos Escobar is currently 38 years old. WWE doesn’t like pushing older stars, which is a load of crap because they push a ton of older stars still. Suppose WWE wants to fill that ”Latino star” role with somebody other than Rey Mysterio; Rey Mysterio won’t be in WWE long. They need to start looking at Santos Escobar immedinatly, seriously. Forget the age. He’s a new star in the eyes of the fans…

4 Carmelo Hayes

4/ Carmelo Hayes

Shawn Micheals has personally invested his time into Carmelo Hayes. I heard Shawn Micheals say ”Carmelo Hayes reminds me of myself.” Carmelo Hayes is the future of WWE, and I hope Vince McMahon realizes that because we, the fans, do. Carmelo Hayes has everything you’re looking for from in-ring skill, microphone skills and presence.

3 Bron Breakker

3/ Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker is clearly someone Vince McMahon is getting behind because he won the NXT Championship before men like Carmelo Hayes, Tony D, and Grayson Waller. I’m slowly becoming a fan of his but I still don’t get why people are hyping him up so much. I see the potential, but he isn’t fully develop when it comes to in-ring and microphone skills. To me, Carmelo Hayes is more develop than Bron Breakker. The future is bright for Bron Breakker, I just don’t want WWE to rush him.

2/ Austin Theory

It’s clear that Vince McMahon sees star potential in Austin Theory. I mean for God sakes, the reports of Vince McMahon seeing Austin Theory as the next John Cena are true. Vince McMahon is taking his time with Austin Theory and it shows with his booking. I know some fans are saying in regards to Austin Theory ”don’t push him down our throats.” Simialr reaction to when Vince McMahon was pushing Roman Reigns down our throats. Please don’t make that mistake with Austin Theory, let his push be organic. Austin Theory already United States Champion is a tease for how he will be booked going forward. I like Austin Theory and he needs to be a top pillar when it comes to creating new stars…

1/ Walter aka Gunther

Walter is now going by Gunther. I continue to pray that Vince McMahon doesn’t give up on Gunther, because he can be a star for WWE for years to come. Honestly, he should lose when it calls for it because he has a mystique about him. Gunther is a sight to behold, he’s great in the ring and great on the microphone. He needs to be a top pillar for WWE.

Here’s the thing, WWE has stars waiting in the wings for them for the next 10 years. Vince McMahon just needs to be aware of that and I know people say ”Vince McMahon doesn’t know”, but I think he does. Y’all remember when Vince McMahon created a ton of stars during The Ruthless Agression Era? He created so many stars. He’s capable of doing it again, but will he? I think he will.


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