20 Bold Predictions For Wrestling In 2023

20 Bold Predictions For Wrestling In 2023

20 Bold Predictions For Wrestling In 2023

What’s up, everybody? It’s The Wrestling Takeover host Jordan here with another article for DiscussPW. And today, I wanted to do something different because I was initially going to do this on the podcast. Still, I decided to do an article on what we could see in 2023 in professional wrestling. Before I kick off the list, I would appreciate it if you all could listen and subscribe to my official podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Thank you. I want to say before I start that not everything on this list I see happening, but this article is supposed to be fun. Let’s get it!

  1. Rhea Ripley wins The 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble.
  2. Jade Cargill remains TBS Champion and remains undefeated 
  3. Saraya will win The AEW Women’s Championship. 
  4. Britt Baker will face Jamie Hayter for The AEW Women’s Championship.
  5. Roman Reigns will lose both Championships and then go on hiatus from WWE.
  6. The Street Profits will officially split up.
  7. Sami Zayn will be tossed out of The Bloodline.
  8. AEW will debut in The UK.
  9. WWE will announce that Money In The Bank will return to WrestleMania.
  10. MJF will hold The AEW World Championship for the whole year.
  11. CJ Perry (Lana) debuts in AEW with Miro returning and going to the main event scene as a package duo.
  12. CM Punk returns to AEW.
  13. WWE will be Sold to Disney or NBC Universal.
  14. Mercedes Varnado (Sasha Banks) will debut in AEW.
  15. Trinity Fatu (Naomi) will return to WWE and join The Bloodline.
  16. Tessa Blanchard goes to either AEW or WWE.
  17. NWA will go under.
  18. Steve Austin and The Rock will both wrestle at WrestleMania 39.
  19. The 2023 Forbidden Door main event will be Kenny Omega vs. Okada or Bryan Danielson vs. Okada.
  20. Charlotte Flair leaves WWE and goes to AEW.

Now. When I wrote all these crazy predictions. I looked at the list and saw two out of twenty things happening when we enter a new year of professional wrestling. I pray that 2023 is a promising year for the business we all love. Let me break down a few things I don’t see happening.

(Tessa Blanchard is Going To Either WWE or AEW)

Tessa Blanchard is a wrestler that has fallen from grace. From the backlash that she has received from the wrestlers and fans. Tessa Blanchard can bring star power to either WWE or AEW. The issue is the women in that locker room wouldn’t want her there and fans would destroy her and the company she’s in. And neither company wants that smoke.

(Charlotte Flair leaves WWE and goes to AEW)

Charlotte Flair wants to be with her husband, Andrade. Andrade has gone on record and said he wants to be with his wife, and if there’s a chance to go back to WWE that he will take that chance and go back. WWE will not lose both Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair; no. Charlotte Flair and Andrade have talked about being in the same promotion. So… What happens? Andrade goes to WWE, or does Charlotte Flair go to AEW? Things should be interesting.

Please enjoy this article! Be sure to listen and subscribe to ”The Wrestling Takeover” Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. There’s no doubt that 2023 will be an unreal year for professional wrestling! Good and bad.


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