60 Minutes April 7 2024 New on CBS “Dr Kuznetzov | Your Chatbot Will See You Now | The Ring”

60 minutes

Sunday’s 60 Minutes April 7, 2024 all-new segments airing at 7:00PM

We are glad to bring you another preview of “60 Minutes”. The team over at CBS will be airing another episode of “60 Minutes” tonight April 7 2024 @ 7:00PM. This is a new 60-minute long episode . Check out the preview information below! You can watch previous episodes on Paramount+. and CBS.com. Follow the show on Facebook and Instagram. Podcasts are available at CBSAudio. Check out the previews for this week’s new episode.

CBS has put out a new press release for tonight’s new episode of 60 Minutes. We have referenced the release for our preview of this weeks isnstallment.

The first segment for tonight’s (April 7 2024) episode airing at 7:00pm ET will be “Dr Kuznetzov” With “Your Chatbot Will See You Now” airing second. And “The Ring” finishing things off.

Dr Kuznetzov

In the last two years, Ukraine has become the most mined country in the world, surpassing warzones like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. 60 MINUTES’ Scott Pelley travels to Izium, Ukraine – one of the most contaminated towns in the country – to see the crisis firsthand. On the ground he meets injured civilians, a heroic doctor treating them, and the deminers working to clear their land, mine by mine.

Maria Gavrilovic is the producer.

Your Chatbot Will See You Now

With a shortage of therapists and a rising number of potential mental health patients, 60 MINUTES contributor and CBS News chief medical correspondent Jonathan LaPook reports on the artificial intelligence chatbots offering 24/7 support and meeting a demand – for better or worse. LaPook speaks with mental healthcare professionals and AI experts about how the industry is harnessing AI tools to engage with patients in a thoughtful and positive way. Andrew Wolff is the producer.

Andrew Wolff is the producer.

The Ring

 The mastermind behind two decades’ worth of thefts at hallowed sports venues and small museums comes clean to 60 MINUTES’ Jon Wertheim. He shares how he and his crew got away with Yogi Berra’s World Series rings, Hall of Fame pitcher Christy Mathewson’s jersey and artwork by Andy Warhol. Nathalie Sommer and Kaylee Tully are the producers.

Nathalie Sommer and Kaylee Tully are the producers.