60 Minutes December 3 2023 New on CBS Chaos on Campus| Quantum Computing | Greta Gerwig

60 minutes

Sunday’s 60 Minutes December 3 2023 all-new segments airing at 7:00PM

We are glad to bring you another preview of “60 Minutes”. The team over at CBS will be airing another episode of “60 Minutes” tonight December 3 2023 @ 7:00PM. This is a new 60-minute long episode . Check out the preview information below! You can watch previous episodes on Paramount+. and CBS.com. Follow the show on Facebook and Instagram. Podcasts are available at CBSAudio. Check out the previews for this week’s new episode.

CBS has put out a new press release for tonight’s new episode of 60 Minutes. We have referenced the release for our preview of this weeks isnstallment.

The first segment for tonight’s (November 5 2023) episode airing at 7:00pm ET will be “Chaos on Campus”. With “Quantum Computing” airing second, and “Greta Gerwig” finishing things off. All of the segments airing tonight are new.

Chaos on Campus

60 MINUTES’ Bill Whitaker witnesses pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel student rallies at Columbia University and department-led campus forums at Dartmouth in response to the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks and ensuing Israeli bombardment of Gaza. Whitaker speaks with Jewish and Palestinian students, and Middle East studies professors, about the antisemitic and Islamophobic rhetoric that has raged across campuses, the continuing situation unfolding and a path forward.

Oriana Zill de Granados and Michael Rey are the producers.

Quantum Computing

Correspondent Scott Pelley reports on the pioneering technology of quantum computing, a new kind of computer that could answer impossible questions in physics, chemistry, engineering and medicine. Pelley travels to California to see Google’s quantum lab, visits one of the first quantum computers outside the lab at Cleveland Clinic, and gets a first look at IBM’s newest quantum computer, its most advanced to date.

Denise Schrier Cetta and Katie Brennan are the producers.

Greta Gerwig

Correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi profiles the brains behind “Barbie” – filmmaker Greta Gerwig, whose outside-the-box blockbuster smashed box office records this summer. Alfonsi speaks with Gerwig about pulling off a delicate balancing act: giving voice to the iconic Barbie doll while appealing to her fiercest critics, and details Gerwig’s journey from indie darling to billion-dollar director.

Nathalie Sommer is the producer.