60 Minutes March 10 2024 New on CBS “An Island Off An Island | Caligula’s Gardens | Return To Gorongosa”

60 minutes

Sunday’s 60 Minutes March 10, 2024 all-new segments airing at 8:00PM

We are glad to bring you another preview of “60 Minutes”. The team over at CBS will be airing another episode of “60 Minutes” tonight March 10 2024 @ 8:00PM. This is a new 60-minute long episode . Check out the preview information below! You can watch previous episodes on Paramount+. and CBS.com. Follow the show on Facebook and Instagram. Podcasts are available at CBSAudio. Check out the previews for this week’s new episode.

CBS has put out a new press release for tonight’s new episode of 60 Minutes. We have referenced the release for our preview of this weeks isnstallment.

The first segment for tonight’s ( February 25 2024) episode airing at 7:00pm ET will be “An Island Off An Island” With “Caligula’s Gardens” airing second and ” Return To Gorongosa” finishing things off.

An Island Off An Island

Jon Wertheim ventures to a 90-square-mile jewel of land off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Fogo Island’s population was decimated when its one and only industry, cod fishing, went into steep decline. Now, an eighth-generation Fogo Islander has returned home with deep pockets and a plan to bring the place and its people back.

Nathalie Sommer and Kaylee Tully are the producers.

Caligula’s Gardens

The gardens of the Roman emperor Caligula have been discovered and excavated, and some of the most remarkable finds are now on display. How does this affect scholarly efforts to take a new look at the emperor and whether he was as cruel and depraved as he’s been made out to be? Anderson Cooper reports from Rome.

Andy Court is the producer.

Return To Gorongosa

Gorongosa was once a crown jewel of African national parks, but its wildlife was destroyed by three decades of war. Scott Pelley shows us how the park in Mozambique and its people have rebounded with the help of Greg Carr, a former tech entrepreneur from Idaho.

Henry Schuster and Sarah Turcotte are the producers