CBS 60 Minutes on CBS July 2 2023 The State of the Navy | Only in America

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Sunday (July 2, 2023) Norah O’Donnell reports on the state of the Navy amid threats of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Also: a profile of billionaire businessman Rocco Commisso.

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The State of the Navy

As U.S.-China relations remain tense, Norah O’Donnell goes aboard the USS Nimitz, a United States Navy aircraft carrier operating southeast of Taiwan and China in the Western Pacific. With rare access to the ship and its officers during a deployment, O’Donnell reports on the state of the Navy amid threats of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan – an important American ally. O’Donnell speaks with the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, Admiral Samuel Paparo, at sea, and chief of naval operations, Admiral Mike Gilday, at the Pentagon. The report includes candid discussion of U.S. contingency planning for Taiwan and how the U.S. is attempting to maintain readiness while keeping up with China’s rapid and remarkable naval and military build-up. This is a double-length segment.

Keith Sharman and Roxanne Feitel are the producers.

Only in America

Sharyn Alfonsi profiles billionaire businessman Rocco Commisso and charts his unlikely rise from young immigrant in the Bronx to cable-TV magnate and outspoken owner of the pro soccer team in Florence, Italy. Alfonsi speaks to Commisso, whose street smarts and no-nonsense style has made him one of the most famous Americans in the land of his birth.

Guy Campanile is the producer.