60 Minutes October 8 2023 on CBS The Godfather of AI | General Milley | Rich Paul | 3D Printing

60 minutes

Sunday’s 60 Minutes October 8 2023 all-new segments airing at 7:30PM

We are glad to bring you another preview of “60 Minutes”. The team over at CBS will be airing another episode of “60 Minutes” tonight October 8 2023 @ 7:30PM. This is a new episode . Check out the preview information below! You can watch previous episodes on Paramount+. and CBS.com. Follow the show on Facebook and Instagram. Podcasts are available at CBSAudio. Check out the previews for this week’s new episode.

CBS has put out a new press release for tonight’s repeat episode of 60 Minutes. We have referenced the release for our preview of this weeks isnstallment.

The first segment for tonight’s (October 8 2023) episode airing at 7:30pm ET will be “The Godfather of AI”. With “General Milley” airing second, “Rich Paul” airing fourth and “3D Printing” finishing things off. All of the segments airing tonight are new.

The Godfather of AI

Scott Pelley interviews the “Godfather of AI,” Geoffrey Hinton, who is speaking out about the promise and risks of advanced artificial intelligence his research helped make possible.

Aaron Weisz is the producer.

General Milley

As the nation’s highest-ranking military officer steps down, Norah O’Donnell profiles General Mark Milley. From inside the Pentagon, aboard the USS Constitution, and in his hometown of Winchester, Mass., O’Donnell speaks with Milley about his four years as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, his differences with former President Donald Trump, the military challenge of China and why America should support Ukraine in their war against Russia.

Keith Sharman is the producer.

Rich Paul

 In a broadcast exclusive, Bill Whitaker profiles mega sports agent Rich Paul ahead of his new memoir. The founder and CEO of Klutch Sports Group represents NBA sensations like LeBron James and Draymond Green and negotiated almost $900 million in deals this past summer alone. Whitaker traces Paul’s unlikely journey from the east side of Cleveland to his glittering life today and scores an invite to the Klutch All-Star Game party, one of the hottest tickets in the NBA.

Marc Lieberman is the producer.

3D Printing

60 MINUTES takes a comprehensive look at the technology, engineering and future of 3D-printed buildings, as a Texas company sets out to replace traditional home construction with robotic printers, and eventually 3D print on the Moon. Lesley Stahl takes a sneak peek at a 3D-printed home in the first housing development of its kind and reports from NASA on its aspirations for 3D-printed infrastructure on the Moon. This is a double-length segment. Shari Finkelstein and Collette Richards are the producers.

Shari Finkelstein and Collette Richards are the producers.