60 Minutes August 6 2023 Pathogen X | Sona and the Kora | The Panini Phenomenon New Episode

60 minutes

Sunday (August 6, 2023) The search for the next deadly virus capable of jumping from wild animals to people; Sona Jobarteh, the first female virtuoso player of a centuries-old West African instrument called the kora; and the popularity of the World Cup Panini stickers.

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Pathogen X

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bill Whitaker travels to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda with a team of American and Ugandan scientists to try and find the next deadly virus before it finds us. 60 MINUTES went along with the virus hunters as they trekked deep inside the primeval forest, testing bats, baboons and monkeys for Pathogen X, new viruses capable of jumping from wild animals to us.

Heather Abbott is the producer.

Sona and the Kora

Lesley Stahl profiles Sona Jobarteh, the first female virtuoso player of a centuries-old West African instrument called the kora. With 21 strings, it’s described as a cross between a harp, lute and guitar. The kora is part of a musical tradition passed down exclusively from father to son in a special set of families in West Africa. Jobarteh, who is 39 years old, descends from one of those griot families – she’s the daughter of a Gambian father and a British mother. Jobarteh argues that by breaking tradition, she is keeping it alive, and she’s gained acceptance in the toughest place of all: The Gambia, with a hit song that’s become the country’s unofficial anthem.

Shari Finkelstein is the producer.

The Panini Phenomenon

For millions of soccer fans, excitement for the World Cup kicks off weeks before the first game is played, when the Panini stickers featuring their favorite players shoot onto the market. Jon Wertheim explores the phenomenon that has become a booming, international business and a key part of the World Cup experience.

Draggan Mihailovich is the producer.