60 Minutes July 30 2023 Grave Injustice | Running Dry | Charles Barkley

60 minutes

Sunday (July 30, 2023) Residents and archeologists reflect on lost graves from African American cemeteries in Clearwater, Fla.; the health of the Colorado River, which is a concern for 40 million people in the West; and a profile of NBA Hall of Famer and colorful TV basketball commentator Charles Barkley.

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Grave Injustice

Scott Pelley speaks with residents and archeologists about lost graves from African American cemeteries in Clearwater, Fla., and follows their efforts as they excavate erased graveyards to help reclaim history. They describe how they plan to keep digging for truth in more of America’s forgotten sites.

Nicole Young and Kristin Steve are the producers.

Running Dry

In 2021, water levels on the drought-stricken Colorado River dropped so low, the federal government declared an official shortage of the precious resource for the first time. As Bill Whitaker reports, resulting water cuts have hit Arizona hard, and the river remains in critical condition. The health of the Colorado River is a concern for 40 million people in the West, including Native American tribes and farmers who grow 90% of America’s winter greens.

Marc Lieberman is the producer.

Charles Barkley

Jon Wertheim profiles NBA Hall of Famer and, perhaps more recognizably, colorful TV basketball commentator Charles Barkley. Wertheim interviews Barkley in his hometown of Leeds, Ala., and retraces his roots from a junior high gym to becoming a college basketball star, joining the NBA and ultimately launching a successful broadcasting career.

Draggan Mihailovich is the producer.