ABC 20/20 The Murdered In The Minivan 2024

ABC 20/20 February 2 2024 “The Murderer in the Minivan” New Episode Preview

ABC 20/20 The Murdered In The Minivan 2024

ABC 20/20 Tonight, Friday (February 2, 2024) Program Features Interviews With the Attempted Kidnapping Survivor and the Daughter of a Murder Victim

ABC 20/20 airing at 9PM on February 2 2024. When a perpetrator nearly abducts 16-year-old Madison Nygard in western Michigan, she narrowly escapes with her life by jumping from a moving minivan. But when she meets with police to identify her alleged captor, what begins as an investigation to solve an attempted kidnapping turns into a hunt for a murderer.

Authorities connect Madison’s attempted kidnapping to the murder of two other Michigan women: 25-year-old Jessica Heeringa, who vanished from the Exxon gas station where she worked, and 36-year-old Rebekah Bletsch, who was shot by the side of the road. In a new “20/20,” “GMA3” co-anchor Eva Pilgrim takes viewers inside the murders of two women in two years and the dramatic escape that led police to their killer.

The two-hour program includes interviews with Madison as well as Elli Bletsch, Rebekah Bletsch’s daughter, and Nicole Popps and Jessica Joseph, Rebekah Bletsch’s sisters. The episode also includes interviews with Jim Christiansen, a retired captain with the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office; Chris Hare, a retired corporal with the Norton Shores Police Department; DJ Hilson, Muskegon County prosecutor; Michael Kasher, a retired lieutenant with the Norton Shores Police Department; Sgt. Lisa Freres, with the Muskegon County Sheriff’s office; and Fred Johnson, the killer’s defense attorney. 

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