ABC 20/20 growing up buttafuoco

20/20 July 28 2023 “Growing Up Buttafuoco” Two-Hour Special Preview

ABC 20/20 growing up buttafuoco

20/20 Tonight, Friday (July 28, 2023) A look through the eyes of Mary Jo, Joey, and Jessie Buttafucco three decades after the shooting of Mary Jo by Amy Fisher, dubbed “Long Island Lolita” by the media.

This episode of “20/20” airs tonight July 28, 2023 at 9PM ET.

Nearly three decades ago, then-17-year-old Amy Fisher ― dubbed the “Long Island Lolita” by media ― shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco on her front porch following an affair with her husband, Joey Buttafuoco. “20/20” takes a look at the story through the eyes of Mary Jo, Joey and their daughter, Jessie, who was just 9 years old at the time of the shooting in May 1992. Jessie reflects on her journey, including how she learned to understand the tabloid glare that dominated her childhood and how she survived the scrutiny. She also reveals intimate details about life after the incident, including her mom’s excruciating recovery; the family’s move to California to try and escape the media frenzy; her battle with drugs, alcohol and depression; how she turned her life around; and her relationship with her parents.

The two-hour program also features Buttafuoco family home videos and the first on-camera interview with confessed accomplice Steven Sleeman, who says Amy hired him to kill Mary Jo. Steven reveals startling details to “20/20” about his role in what he claims was another attempt to kill Mary Jo that shocked his attorney and the Buttafuocos

You can also watch previous episodes at ABC and on Hulu. Also, check out the official podcast at ABCAudio.

ABC 20/20 tonight

In a special “20/20” event, ABC News chief business, technology and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis reports on the latest chapter in the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes and her blood-testing company Theranos, once valued at $9 billion. “20/20” dives into the former Silicon Valley star’s trial and conviction for fraud and the most recent developments in Holmes’ life, including her relationship with a wealthy hotel heir and the birth of her first child. It also looks ahead to the upcoming trial of her former boyfriend and business partner Sunny Balwani, whom Holmes accused of abuse, all of which he denies.

“20/20” features new interviews with Vicki Behringer, the sketch artist in the courtroom every day; Mehrl Ellsworth, a patient who received incorrect results from a Theranos lab test and testified at trial; juror Michael Kew; Phyllis Gardner, a Stanford professor who crossed paths with Holmes before she started Theranos and was skeptical of Holmes’ ideas; Blythe Barger, former content producer at Theranos; and lawyers who closely followed the case.

Additionally, the two-hour event contains behind-the-scenes access to the new Hulu Original limited series “The Dropout,” from Searchlight Television and Disney Television Studios’ 20th Television — part of ABC News’ parent company, Disney — and based on ABC Audio’s No. 1-ranked podcast of the same name hosted by Jarvis. “20/20” includes on-set interviews with stars Amanda Seyfried and Naveen Andrews, who discuss what it was like to portray Holmes and Balwani. “

For over four decades, “20/20” has offered viewers reports and stories that have changed lives.

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