20/20 June 16 2023 “Where Monsters Hide” New Episode Preview

20 20 tonight where monsters hide

20/20, Friday (June 16, 2023) Small-town police chief investigates an alleged wedding night murder pact.

This episode of “20/20” airs tonight June 16 at 9PM ET. When Chris Regan — a military veteran known for his reliability on the job — misses multiple days of work in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a friend notified the police. With no clear signs of foul play, investigators were at a loss until they received a tip: Regan was dating Kelly Cochran, whose rocky marriage to Jason Cochran was on the brink of collapse. “20/20” chronicles how a woman leading a small-town police department would come to learn about an almost unimaginable crime involving an alleged wedding night murder pact. The two-hour program features an exclusive one-on-one prison phone interview between “Nightline” co-anchor Juju Chang and Kelly Cochran, who tells her side of the story; body camera video, which gives viewers an inside look at the Cochran’s house of horrors; and undercover recordings.

“20/20” also has interviews with key investigators who cracked the case, including former Iron River, Michigan, Chief of Police Laura Frizzo and former Hobart, Indiana, detective Jeremy Ogden. Other interviews include Terri O’Donnell, who first reported Regan as a missing person; Walt Ammerman, a friend of Jason who played a critical role in helping authorities catch Kelly Cochran; and others close to the case.

You can watch next day on Hulu. Also, check out the official podcast at ABCAudio.

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