20/20 October 20 2023 “Dear Jacob: A Mother’s Journey of Hope.” New Episode

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20/20 Tonight, Friday (October 20, 2023) A US newsmagazine mixing investigative pieces with human-interest and celebrity features.

When Katrina Smith, a beloved wife and stepmother, failed to show up for work, her husband, Todd Smith, immediately alerted the authorities. As days passed with no sign of Katrina, Todd repeatedly appeared on local television begging for the safe return of his wife. When her body was found nearly three weeks later, the community’s worst fears were confirmed. But who would want to hurt Katrina Smith? In a new “20/20,” with reporting by “Nightline” co-anchor Juju Chang, investigators dig into the crime and uncover a sordid tale of infidelity, a crumbling marriage and a husband’s alarming past.

The two-hour episode features exclusive interviews with Teresa, Todd Smith’s ex-wife, and Paige, Todd’s daughter. The program also includes interviews with Joseph Pederson, a former U.S. attorney; Larry Schultz, a former arson investigator; and the off-duty firefighter who discovered Katrina’s body. Additionally, “20/20” features never-before-seen photos from Todd’s past.

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For over four decades, “20/20” has offered viewers reports and stories that have changed lives.

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