20/20 October 27 2023 “She Was Almost Home” New Episode

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20/20 Tonight, Friday (October 27, 2023) When a young woman goes missing, police are led to a local man’s barn full of horrors.

20/20 airing at 9PM on October 27 2023. Sierah Joughin, a 20-year-old, disappeared in the summer of 2016 while riding her bicycle from her boyfriend’s house to her own. The community launched an extensive search effort, but as days passed with no news of Sierah, her loved ones became increasingly worried. In an upcoming “20/20” episode, ABC News correspondent John Quiones investigates Sierah’s disappearance and the subsequent police inquiry into James Worley, a local individual with a questionable past and a barn harboring dark secrets.

This two-hour program includes a revealing interview with Robin Gardner, who was previously abducted by Worley but managed to escape. Sierah’s mother, Sheila Vaculik, her aunt Tara Ice, and her ex-boyfriend, Josh Kolasinski, also provide their insights in this episode. Additionally, it features key investigators who participated in the search, such as FBI Special Agent Devon Lossick and FBI Violent Crime Task Force officer Dan Van Vorhis. Interviews with Sierah’s friends and family members, Kelsie Langenderfer and Bailey May, as well as Sierah’s grandmother Cathy Shaffer, further enrich the in-depth coverage of this compelling story.

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For over four decades, “20/20” has offered viewers reports and stories that have changed lives.

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