abc 20/20 since you've been gone

20/20 September 15 2023 “Since You’ve Been Gone” New Episode

abc 20/20 since you've been gone

20/20 Tonight, Friday (September 15, 2023) After teen vanishes, family searches for answers but police see a suspect closer to home.

This episode of “20/20” airs tonight September 15, 2023 at 9PM ET. You can also watch previous episodes at ABC and on Hulu. Also, check out the official podcast at ABCAudio.

When 17-year-old Alissa Turney disappeared on the last day of her junior year, it initially looked like a classic runaway case ― there was even a goodbye note. But over time, authorities grew suspicious that something more sinister had happened. A new “20/20” explores the recent twists and turns of the case, including a false confession from a serial killer, the discovery of pipe bombs, and a murder trial acquittal, building on original ABC News reporting from when Alissa disappeared in 2001.

The two-hour program features a new interview with Alissa’s stepfather, Michael Turney ― recently acquitted of murdering Alissa ― whose 2009 interview with ABC News authorities said played a key role in the investigation and his trial. As authorities continue to look for answers over two decades after her disappearance, the program also includes exclusive interviews with Stuart Somershoe and William Anderson, the lead detectives on the case; James Turney, son of Michael Turney; true-crime podcaster Ottavia McHenry, who covered the case; and attorneys who worked on the prosecution and defense.

ABC 20/20 tonight

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