AEW Dynamite 2023 Tonight

AEW Dynamite Results from Los Angeles 1/11/2023

AEW Dynamite 2023 Tonight

AEW produced an episode of Dynamite live from Los Angeles California on 1/11/2023 and we have results. This event took place at the Kia Forum and featured the end of the Best Of Seven Series between The Elite and Death Triangle.

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AEW Dynamite Results 1/11/23

“Hangman” Adam Page beats Jon Moxley. After the match, it is apparent that Moxley may be injured. After the commercial break, it is announced that Moxley has been walked to the back and is being attended to.

Tony Schiavone interviews Adam Cole – who has not been on AEW programming in months – in the ring. Adam Cole says he has been thinking about what he was going to say when he returned tonight, then says that it is a “good news, bad news” situation. He says the good news is that he has a new appreciation for the business and for life, as he has done a lot of cool things as a pro wrestler and he has missed being in the ring due to being really banged up and having two serious head injuries. Cole says that he was seeing doctors multiple times a week, had a lot of dizzy spells and could not be in a car for more than fifteen minutes, and that he had no idea what was happening to him. He then says that so many of the fans were there for him and hoping for his recovery, and that it meant the world for him. He also says pro wrestling is a “give-and-take situation” where the wrestlers give their all and the fans show their appreciation. Cole then thanks the fans for being there for him for six months even when he was not able to compete. He then covers the bad news, which is for the AEW locker room, not him, because he is back. Cole says he is not going anywhere, and even when he thought his career was over, he was not done yet, as he has been “one of the best damn wrestlers on the planet” for 15 years and he will not stop until he is the very best. He says that he has not scratched the surface of what he is capable of despite doing a lot in AEW, then tells everyone to remember today as the day that “the new Adam Cole” was born and promised he would be at the top of the mountain in AEW.

We hear from The Acclaimed (“Platinum” Max Caster, Anthony Bowens, “Daddy Ass” Billy Gun). Max Caster says that on Rampage, they will be in Hollywood, and Bowens says The Acclaimed have been given stars on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bowens says that their scissors will live in infamy forever.

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry and Hook (billed as “Junglehook”) beat Big Bill and Lee Moriarty with a Snare Trap to Lee Moriarty.

Backstage, Renee Paquette interviews Orange Cassidy, Danhausen and Paul Walter Hauser. Hauser meets with Best Friends – including Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta, who also show up – and makes sure everything is okay between them.

Backstage, Renee Paquette tries to get an interview with The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson).

Before the next match, MJF shows up. He mockingly greets Konosuke Takeshita before stating that the fans see him as a big deal, even though he has not seen any of his stuff just because he watches himself. He then pronounces his last name as “Take a shit-a,” before telling him not to take one in his pants and win tonight. Takeshita responds in Japanese, and when MJF tells him that “around here, we speak American,” Takeshita tells him to kiss his ass. After a bunch of shoving by Takeshita, MJF has referee Aubrey Edwards hold Takeshita back before MJF mocks the fans and tells them to ask their mothers, sisters and “skank girlfriends” just how long he can last. MJF says he is “the real iron man of professional wrestling” as he is all about “pinning shoulders on mats and bangin’ rats,” then says that the fans are all irrelevant just like “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson. He then reveals that actor Ken Jung is in the crowd, then makes fun of “Doctor Ken” getting cancelled, then also reveals that Freddie Prinze Jr. is in the crowd before saying he only remembers Freddie playing the sidekick to a CGI talking dog. After calling Freddie Prinze a “Scooby-Dooby-Douchebag,” he says that Danielson will let everyone down tonight and that there will be no iron man match tonight, then Danielson shows up before MJF can finish. Danielson runs into the ring, and MJF makes a break for backstage in record time before telling Danielson he will not make it past the first week.

“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson beats Konosuke Takeshita after kicking his head in prior to the Lebell Lock. Danielson raises Takeshita’s arm and shakes hands with him in a sign of respect after the match.

Backstage, Renee Paquette interviews “Rock Hard” Juice Robinson, who says that he is in AEW to kick ass, take names and win championships along the way. He then challenges Darby Allin to a match for the TNT Championship on Rampage.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Jamie Hayter beat Toni Storm and Saraya. During the match, Hikaru Shida shows up, and near the end of the match, Shida slides a Kendo stick into the ring only for Britt Baker to hit Toni Storm in the back, much to the shock of Shida afterwards.

Backstage, Eddie Kingston tells Ortiz they have their match on Rampage. Eddie says he is tired of The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, Buddy Matthews) as well as Ortiz’s trust in him being questioned.

The Jericho Appreciation Society head to the ring. “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker says that they are looking good and that Los Angeles is their town to the point that they might as well be “the saints of Los Angeles,” then “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard says that Jake Hager powerbombing “Absolute” Ricky Starks makes his nipples hard. Chris Jericho says this is one of the best weeks in The Jericho Appreciation Society’s history, as they invaded Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Battle of Los Angeles and Anna Jay A.S. and Tay Melo will win their street fight on Rampage against Ruby Soho and Willow Nightingale. Jericho then says that they win again with Action Andretti going back to the indies and “the Ricky Starks experiment” being over, then Ricky Starks and Action Andretti show up. Starks says he is looking at a group full of idiots who could not get the job done last week, then Jericho tells Andretti to go back to the minor leagues before Andretti tells Jericho to “shut the hell up” before he shoves his baseball bat up his ass. When Daniel Garcia tells Andretti not to disrespect Jericho, he says he does not remember Sammy Guevara giving him permission to speak, then says Sammy Guevara cannot control his own wife, much less Garcia, or where his wife’s hands go. He says this is because last week, Tay Melo’s hands were between his legs. Garcia tells Andretti to shut up, then says he was just like him but is now on top of the world now that he has Jericho by his side. Starks tells Jericho to move aside. Jericho moves aside, then Starks focuses on Jake Hager, making fun of his purple bucket hat and saying he was a top collegiate athlete before he joined Jericho and became “the village idiot” who still has “a dumb lisp.” He then challenges Jake Hager to a match next week on Dynamite. Hager says he likes his hat, then says he wears a lot of hats and one of them says “undefeated professional MMA fighters” and that he will slap his face off of his face. Starks says he will do Starks one better by helping him with his speech impediment, as he is stepping in the ring with someone who is absolute.

Don Callis guests on commentary for the next match.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson) beat Death Triangle (PAC, Penta el Zero Miedo, Rey Fenix) in Match 7 of their best-of-seven series known as “Escalera de la Muerte,” a ladder match, to become two-time AEW World Trios Champions!

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