“After Midnight” Guests and Preview for the Week of April 8 2024

After Midnight

Check out this week’s (April 8 2024) guests on episodes of CBS “After Midnight”

“After Midnight” airs weeknights on CBS at 11:35PM ET. You can watch previous episodes at CBS.com and Paramount Plus. All of the talk shows we post about are updated weekly. Bookmark the site and search for “After Midnight” or whichever show to see the latest.

Check out this week’s guests below.

Monday, April 8 *NEW*

  • Dustin Nickerson
  • Dulcé Sloan
  • Amir K

Tuesday, April 9 *NEW*

  • Loni Love
  • Jackie Fabulous
  • Dan Levy

Wednesday, April 10 *NEW*

  • Joel Kim Booster
  • Greta Titelman
  • Sandy Honig

Thursday, April 11 *NEW* (**Airs at 12:52 AM-1:52 AM, ET/PT**)

  • Diona Reasonover – NCIS (CBS)
  • Doug Benson

Friday, April 12 (OAD: 2/29/24; **Airs at 12:52 AM-1:52 AM, ET/PT**)

  • W. Kamau Bell
  • Nish Kumar
  • Anjelah Johnson-Reyes

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After Midnight is the smartest show on television about the dumbest things on the internet. With celebrated comedian Taylor Tomlinson at the helm and a panel of guests from the worlds of entertainment, comedy, music and beyond, After Midnight is a late-night comedy series about what set the internet abuzz that day with a game show feel. After Midnight airs Monday through Friday, 12:37-1:37 AM, ET/PT

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