BD’s Bound For Glory Preview

This is a really exciting time for Impact Wrestling as they go into their big BFG pay-per-view. The Anthem and AXS TV situation is awesome and it has created the perfect scenario needed to provide security and a strong team-like atmosphere. As an Impact fan, you couldn’t ask for much more right now, given all of the factors involved with the company’s past. You also should consider the many hardships that they’ve overcome in the last few years. Now that things are on the up-and-up, my suggestion is to enjoy the ride and to not expect too much, too quickly. Yes, the chess pieces are on the board now, but there is much more to do. In fact, in a lot of ways, Impact has just now become a serious player again in said game with this AXS TV deal, so let’s just allow things to evolve and take shape naturally.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to update the Bound For Glory information past October 15th because of extenuating circumstances, so forgive me for perhaps not having all of the most current stuff that will happen between that date and bell time on the 20th. However, enough of the main portion of the card has been announced, so here are my quick thoughts on Bound For Glory.

Current BFG card (as of Oct. 15th):

Sami Callihan Vs Brian Cage (Impact World Championship): There’s been such an effective build to this match with Sami and oVe playing the part of the hated heel faction and ruining the big wedding. After breaking a bottle over Melissa’s head and then piledriving her in front of Brian, this shit has gotten real. Cage is the babyface who’s had a really rough time lately with injuries and now has to deal with these jackals. I would bet everything that Sami wins this match and becomes the new World Champ but sometimes Impact likes the swerve too.

Marufuji Vs Elgin: This should be an amazing fantasy match-up between two great pro wrestlers. Elgin recently expressed his feelings regarding the anticipation of fighting Marufuji for the first time ever as he has spent so much time in Japan without ever actually facing him while there. This is a special attraction bout that features a famous NOAH wrestler but in the end I think that Elgin wins in a nice, long back and forth affair.

Ken Shamrock Vs Moose: As much as some people want to diminish the return of a legend like Ken Shamrock, the truth is that he was the first NWA-TNA Heavyweight Champion and that he’s been involved off and on in pro wrestling for multiple decades. Moose has played his role perfectly in this feud as the ultimate antagonist. It’s hard for me to see a scenario where Moose loses here, but if he does, this feud might go on for a while.

The Rascalz Vs Dr. Wagner, Taurus and Aerostar: It’s so cool to see Impact and AAA come together for a pay-per-view match of this magnitude with the prestigious Dr. Wagner on the card. As we’ve seen before, Aerostar and Taurus are no slouches either so this fight with The Rascalz figures to be entertaining to say the least. The Rascalz are undoubtedly one of the best things going in Impact and their future is extremely bright but I will take the AAA team for the win here.

Tenille Dashwood Vs Taya Valkyrie (KnockOuts Championship): My first thought for this championship match is that it’s too soon for Tenille Dashwood to be in this kind of position without exactly earning it, given the other talented women in Impact. I haven’t been very impressed with her in-ring skills and I was holding out hope that Rosemary might be involved to make it a 3-way bout. I don’t necessarily want to see Taya’s record-breaking reign come to an end at the hands of Tenille but I think that it may happen unfortunately. Maybe Dashwood turns heel or gets a surprising reaction at BFG?

Rhino & RVD Vs Swann & Mack Vs The North (Tag Team Championship): I expect a very lively and well received match given the quality of the three teams involved here. The legends tag team of RVD and Rhino will be very over in Chicago and they add star power. The North have been great champions so far. Swann & Mack are a tremendous tag team also. I predict that they will all give us some jaw-dropping moments in this one. Something tells me that Swann and Mack win but this is a fairly unpredictable fight.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet: Most good PPV’s have at least some element of surprise involved. At least one of the possible surprises on October 20th will happen in this match which has been reported to be a 20 person gauntlet, although that could change I suppose. Eddie Edwards has been confirmed for this gauntlet and I imagine that most of the roster, including KnockOuts, that are traveling with the company this weekend (that aren’t scheduled for other matches) will be involved. There will also be some local Chicago intrigue in this one because the former manager of the Cubs, Joe Maddon, will be ringside and involved in some capacity. No idea what to really expect here besides pure fun and shock as there are multiple possibilities. My gut reaction is that we’ll see someone debut here that will be significant for the AXS TV premiere on Oct. 29th.

Jake Crist Vs Tessa Blanchard Vs Daga Vs Ace Austin Vs Rohit Raju in a 5-way Ladder Match (X-Division Championship): It’s interesting how even in the latest spoilers that it was unclear who the fifth participant was, but it’s been confirmed now as Rohit Raju. Maybe they add one more wrestler in as a surprise and it becomes a 6-way? However it shakes out, I see Tessa getting the win in a spectacular display of X-Division madness and thus becoming the first female X-Division Champion. This bout has all the ingredients for the “match of the night” and it should be ladders, ladders and more ladders in this one.

In a lot of ways, this is a fresh start and a new company from BFG moving forward. Impact Wrestling is in the driver’s seat now with their future. Don Callis, Scott D’Amore and Ed Nordholm have done a very admirable job of rebuilding the reputation of the company and securing many things for years to come. Again, don’t get too greedy because you can’t expect too much at this point, but instead, it’s going to be an entire process that they will carefully execute in the long-term. They have positioned themselves with precision and wise planning that very few ever saw coming. Just trust them because they’ve done amazing work so far. Bound For Glory is going to take place in front of a rabid, sold-out crowd in Chicago and it will be spectacular.

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