Bill Apter Talks AEW vs WWE, PWI 500, MJF, “WWE Day 1” & More

Pro Wrestling legend Bill Apter was a guest on the latest episode of “It’s My Wrestling Podcast”. He spoke about a number of topics, including the competition between WWE and AEW, the recent “Day 1” event and much more.

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Bill Apter on “WWE Day 1”, Brock Lesnar & Bobby Lashley:

I got so much grief because I loved almost the whole show. I’m not a happy Corbin or Mad Cap Moss guy. It’s not them, It’s the personas tbe characters that they portray. But other than that the New Day Usos match was incredible. A lot of people, a lot of people bombed the heck out of the girls match and I thought it was really good. Yeah, I thought it was really good. And then of course the main event that I call some booking genius because they didn’t have to do it the way they did. But putting Brock Lesnar in there as a last-minute change for Roman Reigns was a work of brilliance and we did get to see a little bit of Brock against Bobby Lashley. And as everyone saw on Monday Night Raw, this is going to be something that we can’t wait to see.

Bobby Lashley impresses me so much as an athlete because he comes out like a boxer would at a zillion-dollar event with a sports jacket and he looks like a terrific athlete which he is but he represents what he does so very well. And I think the combination of he an MVP, I never knew that MVP had that had schmaltz in him so to say, but man oh man, he really surprised everyone. But no, I would say that show I give it a 7.5 out of 10

On WWE vs AEW, If AEW is competition yet:

A lot of fans today would not sit and watch the matches that I watched. When I was growing up as fan a lot of matches were 35 minutes, 45 minutes one hour. The fan today likes quick action, in my opinion, the majority because that’s what they’ve been accustomed to by WWE. Of AEW has become a competition with them It’s the fact that people who are looking for less entertainment value, and more pro wrestling are going in that direction, but I’ve always said this forever to become true competition you have to have the same amount of network TV. Have the same amount of internet saturation, YouTube channels, etc. WWE has long arms like an octopus, they have arms every place. AEW is growing those arms right now, it isn’t viable competition but it is becoming that because more people that I talk to who don’t know about pro wrestling will say hey, what’s this new lead that I see on Wednesday nights when I’m channel changing? So it’s obvious they’re picking up on it.

To have a group of people come out of nowhere and start up a wrestling company and gain this kind of TV exposure is amazing. And for companies like Turner to reinvest in pro wrestling after throwing it out and having many profitable years it just shows that they believe in what’s going on now and the ratings are really good. I hate when people say oh my god, they didn’t do a million viewers they only did 999,992. Come on. They’re still there. They’re still out there and I think it’s a really good product. I enjoy it. I also enjoy WWE.

On MJF being the best entertainer today in wrestling:

MJF is the goal. I think he’s incredible. He’s a wise guy. He’s entertaining and the reason that I’m saying He’s entertaining is because you can’t really turn the channel over when he’s up there. You never know what he’s gonna say. You know, whether you love him or hate him.

If wrestlers still care about the PWI 500, hassle he gets from them:

Honestly they do, I know they do. I go backstage at some of the WWE shows and absolutely, somebody will come over to me with a magazine, the 500 and say, who did this crap? Yes, they’re very upset because it’s a pride and ego thing because everybody waits for two issues per year, the annual awards and the PWI 500. Even before that years and years before that, I would get in trouble when I brought the magazine, Apartment Wrestling, in there with two gorgeous bikini clad ladies wrestling in an apartment that I had nothing to do with but they all blamed me!

On dealing with Vince McMahon Sr, getting in trouble for reporting an Andre The Giant loss in a magazine:

I had many dealings with Vince Sr. and there’s a whole chapter in my book about the ups and downs with him. However, there were good times with him and there were rocky roads. One time we got a set of pictures from Jerry Lawler from one of his photographers. It’s not his official photographer, photos of Andre the Giant versus Jerry Lawler. And I asked the photographer what was the finish he said to all of us Andre went over the ropes and he was counted out so we ran the story.

When that magazine came out, I got a screaming call from Vince Sr. who was Andres booking agent. “What the hell did you guys do? Andre has never lost anyone who told you that?” He was getting ready to never let me into his shows again. It was so very serious back then. Luckily we went back and put out a new issue where we change it and said that Andre was still undefeated.

Who the next big things in wrestling will be, Bron Breakker, Austin Theory:

Rick Steiners son in NXT. I think he’s got a good chance of doing that. He very much feels like a Vince kind of guy. kind of guy as well. Yes. I’m sure he will be pushed to the moon at some point. I really like Austin theory but I don’t know if I like this whole thing with he and Vince, it has gone a little bit a little bit too long in my estimation. It’s a bit weird. I don’t know where it’s headed. I don’t either, but I think the Royal Rumble obviously is going to have something to do with it.

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