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CBS 48 Hours: “Chasing Catherine Shelton” | April 30 2022 New Episode

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Tonight Saturday (April 30 2022) “48 Hours” A controversial attorney with strange tires to dead men speaks out to a journalist who has been playing a cat and mouse game with her in “Chasing Catherine Shelton”

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Just over a decade after Mark Twitchell was convicted of murdering Johnny Altinger, who prosecutors For nearly three decades, controversial Texas attorney Catherine Shelton, now disbarred, has been dogged by mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of various men in her life. She has never been charged with murder. Now, in an exclusive, two-part edition of 48 HOURS, Shelton sits down with contributor Jenna Jackson to talk about her checkered past. It’s a story right out of a mystery novel, but this is real. Shelton is a former defense attorney who has been trailed by allegations and headlines for decades. She’s been called a murderer, a stalker, a crazy lawyer and more. Back in 2003

“CBS 48 Hours” “Chasing Catherine Shelton”

“For years, I’ve been tangled up in a bizarre game of cat and mouse with a woman named Catherine Shelton,” says Jackson.

“I’ve done a few things, yes,” Shelton tells Jackson. “Yes, I do admit that I’ve – well, I’ve never stabbed anyone. All right? And I’ve never shot anyone with a shotgun.”

Shelton’s life – and her proximity to dead or injured men – has perplexed investigators for decades. Starting in the 1970s, one of Shelton’s former boyfriends was bludgeoned to death, and another ex-boyfriend’s apartment was allegedly set on fire. A former client who authorities said accidentally hanged himself was found dead and naked in Shelton’s home. Says she had nothing to do with any of these incidents. She shot another boyfriend in the back. She admits to that but says it was self-defense. And there’s more.

In this investigation featured over two editions of 48 HOURS, Jackson and her team reinvestigate many of the allegations against Shelton through conversations with people who knew her, dated her and investigated her, to ultimately answer the questions of whether all of these accusations are just a coincidence or if Shelton is guilty of anything.

What’s fact and what’s fiction in the Catherine Shelton story? And why is she willing to talk again? Jackson and 48 HOURS set out to find out.

“Well, there’s a little more than I’ve been telling, of course,” Shelton tells Jackson.

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