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48 Hours: Double Feature July 15 2023 Episode

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Tonight Saturday (July 15 2023) “48 Hours” repeat Episodes

The July 8 double edition of “48 Hours” starts at 9PM ET/PT on CBS. 9:00 PM, ET/PT – 48 HOURS and contributor Jonathan Vigliotti report on the latest news on Kristin Smart, who vanished in 1996, and her now convicted killer, in an encore of “The Disappearance of Kristin Smart”. Smart was a college freshman at California Polytechnic State University when she vanished in 1996 after attending a nearby party. What happened to her was a mystery for more than two decades until Paul Flores was charged with her murder. He was convicted in October 2022 and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison in March 2023. 

10:00 PM, ET/PT – Schanda Handley was taken from her home at gunpoint by two people posing as deliverymen. It was a brazen kidnapping in the normally quiet suburban town of Lafayette, La. And it was not a random attack; it was a cold and calculated plan to target Handley. But who was behind it? And how were police able to piece it all together? CBS News lead national correspondent, 48 HOURS contributor and Lafayette native David Begnaud has the story of what happened in an encore of “The Kidnapping of Schanda Handley,”

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