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CBS 48 Hours January 27 2024 Episode Preview

CBS 48 hours

Tonight Saturday (January 27, 2024) “CBS 48 Hours” A newsmagazine that focuses on a single story per episode, told from a number of perspectives by a group of correspondents.

The January 27 2024 edition of “CBS 48 Hours” starts at 10PM ET/PT on CBS. Cyclist Moriah Wilson arrived in Austin, Texas, on May 10, 2022, to prepare for the Gravel Locos bike race. She stayed with a close friend at her apartment. The next evening, the friend returned home to find Wilson had been shot multiple times. The friend called 911 and tried CPR but it was too late. Jonathan Vigliotti gets an inside look at the international hunt for who shot Wilson in 48 HOURS: “Capturing Moriah Wilson’s Killer”

The investigation into the murder would begin to point to a young woman named Kaitlin Armstrong as the suspect. And an anonymous call provided key insight into the mind of the suspected killer.

Shortly after the shooting, investigators learned that Wilson had been dropped off at her friend’s apartment by Colin Strickland, another professional bike racer.

“My personal take was he was being very cooperative, being very forthcoming. Um, obviously he was in shock,” Austin police officer Marc McLeod tells 48 HOURS.

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