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CBS 48 Hours “Mystery on County Road M” | January 29 2022 Preview

Saturday (January 29, 2022) an all-new CBS “48 Hours” investigating the death of Barbara Kendhammer

The January 29 edition of “CBS: 48 Hours” airs at 10PM ET/PT on CBS. You can watch previous episodes at CBS and ParamountPlus.

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48 HOURS and Erin Moriarty investigate the death of Barbara Kendhammer and the case against her husband in “Mystery on County Road M,”

Todd Kendhammer said his wife Barbara was killed in a freak accident when a pipe smashed into the windshield of their car in 2016. A Wisconsin jury didn’t believe him. He was sentenced to life in prison. Their children believe he’s innocent. Now, his new legal team says there is evidence the jury never heard. Will a judge grant a new trial?

When a Colorado mother of two vanished on Mother’s Day 2020, police initially thought maybe she was taken while riding her mountain bike. They also considered her husband. Then, bizarre clues emerged – a chipmunk alibi, a tranquilizer gun, a spy pen and an affair.

The broadcast features the first television interviews with the couple’s children, who believe their father is innocent.

“48 Hours” Father Innocent On County Road M

He didn’t do this, and he deserves to come home,” says Jessica Servais, their daughter.

“He did not hurt my mom, ever,” she adds.

Todd Kendhammer told investigators his wife was injured when a pipe flew off a truck and pierced the windshield of their car. She later died at the hospital. But the story didn’t make sense to La Crosse, Wisc., prosecutor Tim Gruenke. Amongst other things, investigators were never able to find the truck, and Todd Kendhammer gave police different accounts of where he was going that morning.

“It only makes sense one way, that he caused her injuries, caused her death and tried to cover it up,” Gruenke says.

Kendhammer’s new legal team is Jerry Buting and Kathleen Stilling. They maintain there is crucial evidence in the case that the jury never heard, and they presented their findings at an evidentiary hearing this past summer. The judge in the case is expected to render a decision in the spring of 2022 on whether Todd Kendhammer will get a new trial.

“If this could happen to Todd Kendhammer, it could happen to anybody,” says Buting.

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