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48 Hours: The Brighton Ax Murder September 8 2023 Repeat Episode

CBS 48 hours

Tonight Friday (September 8 2023) “48 Hours” repeat episode

The September 8 edition of “ 48 Hours” starts at 10PM ET/PT on CBS.  For four decades, the murder of Cathy Krauseneck remained unsolved. On Feb. 19, 1982, her husband, Jim Krauseneck, said he found her dead in their bed with an ax in her head. The case was dubbed the Brighton Ax Murder and was one of the oldest, coldest murder cases in America – until now. 48 HOURS correspondent Erin Moriarty reports on the murder and the case against Jim Krauseneck in an encore of “The Brighton Ax Murder”. The case sat for decades until 2019, when authorities in Monroe County, N.Y., hired forensic pathologist Michael Baden to investigate. Baden believed Cathy Krauseneck was killed around 3:30 AM. To prosecutors that meant Jim Krauseneck would have been home at the time. He was then charged, eventually tried and convicted of Cathy’s murder. Krauseneck, his wife Sharon, and his attorneys insisted he didn’t kill Cathy.

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