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48 Hours: “The Case of the Poison Cheesecake” June 3 2023 New Episode

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Tonight Saturday (June 3 2023) “48 Hours” New Episode

The June 3 edition of “48 Hours” airs at 10PM ET/PT on CBS. A beauty stylist in Queens, N.Y., is almost murdered in 2016 by a mysterious client who comes to her home and poisons her with a piece of cheesecake. The details of the crime – and the motive – don’t make sense to investigators until they realize that the stylist (Olga Tsvyk) and the client (Viktoria Nasyrova) bear an uncanny physical resemblance. Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS report on what happened between them and Nasyrova’s dark past in “The Case of the Poison Cheesecake.”

“The Case of the Poison Cheesecake” starts with an attempted murder and identity theft, before a private investigator’s extraordinary sleuthing skills lead him to Nasyrova, who is also wanted for a murder in Russia.

“Hands down one of the … craziest cases that I’ve ever had to deal with,” says police detective Kevin Rodgers.

Tsvyk says she fainted and then nearly died after eating the tainted cake. For months, Rodgers couldn’t find Nasyrova. But he later discovered he wasn’t the only one looking. Former New York detective-turned-private investigator Herman Weisberg was also on the hunt for Nasyrova for murder in Russia. A photo on Facebook showing the reflection in Viktoria’s sunglasses gave Weisberg critical clues about her whereabouts.

“She’s not a shooter. She’s not a stabber,” says Weisberg of Nasyrova, “but I haven’t seen someone this ruthless in a long time.”

“I’m not a killer,” Nasyrova tells Van Sant. “I’m a woman, only woman.”

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“48 Hours” “The Case of the Poison Cheesecake”

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