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CBS 48 Hours: “The Circleville Letters” | August 6 2022 Episode

CBS 48 hours

Tonight Saturday (August 6 2022) “48 Hours” Has a forensic document expert unmasked the anonymous author of the infamous Circleville letters? For nearly two decades, an anonymous letter writer terrorized the small town of Circleville, Ohio, by sending threatening letters that exposed alleged secrets about neighbors and friends.

Tonight, The August 6 edition of “CBS 48 Hours” airs at 10PM ET/PT on CBS. You can watch previous episodes at CBS and ParamountPlus. THIS IS AN ENCORE EPISODE

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The sinister story has gripped part of Ohio for decades, with small-town intrigue, a flood of threatening letters, a booby trap and an attempted murder. Was the man many suspected of writing the letters actually the Circleville letter writer? That’s a question open for discussion. The mystery has caught the attention of more than a dozen podcasters and attracted television and print coverage. And it happened just 30 miles from where Moriarty was raised in Columbus, Ohio. 

“CBS 48 Hours” “The Circleville Letters”

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