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CBS 48 Hours “The Final Hours of Amie Harwick” | February 12 2022 Preview

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Tonight Saturday (February 12 2022) an all-new CBS “48 Hours” investigating the death of Amie Harwick

Tonight, The February 12 edition of “CBS: 48 Hours” airs at 10PM ET/PT on CBS. You can watch previous episodes at CBS and ParamountPlus.

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The Price Is Right” Host and Harwick’s Close Friends Open Up About Their Love and the Loss of the Popular Therapist

Two years after the death of his former fiancée, Amie Harwick, Drew Carey tells 48 HOURS that Valentine’s Day will never be the same for him

“I don’t know if I’ll ever want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a dinner. You know? I just don’t want to do anything,” an emotional Carey tells 48 HOURS correspondent Erin Moriarty.

“48 Hours” Latest Developments in “The Final Hours of Amie Harwick”

Maya Millete disappeared from her Southern California home in January 2021. Suspicion soon fell on her husband, Larry Millete. He told her family various stories of why his wife was gone, including that she went hiking. From the outside, the Milletes looked like a wonderful family. What investigators learned, however, was that the couple was going through marital problems. Investigators also say Larry Millete had been contacting spellcasters to have a hex put on his wife so she wouldn’t leave. In October 2021, Larry Millete was charged with his wife’s murder. He has pled not guilty.

“She cared so much about helping people,” says Carey. “That was her life’s purpose. She just wanted to help people. Especially women.”

Harwick, he says, cared deeply about domestic violence issues and helped many patients who were victims of sexual abuse. Carey spoke with 48 HOURS in the hopes of bringing awareness to the commonality of intimate partner violence.

“You can’t be a person in this country and not know a woman who hasn’t been a victim of domestic violence. You just can’t,” Carey says. “And it’s really a problem that not enough people acknowledge.”

As the anniversary of Harwick’s death approaches, her loss continues to be difficult for her friends.

“Valentine’s Day sucks now,” Carey says. “That’s not a good day to remember.”

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