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CBS 48 Hours: “The Shooting of Lauren Kanarek” | September 17 2022 Season Premiere Episode

CBS 48 hours

Tonight Saturday (September 17 2022) “48 Hours” In His First Television Interview, Accused Shooter and Former Olympian Michael Barisone Says He “Doesn’t Have Any Recollection” of Shooting Kanarek

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Michael Barisone, a former Olympic equestrian and trainer, speaks out in his first television interview since the end of his trial for the attempted murder of a former student and her boyfriend.

48 HOURS and contributor Nikki Battiste go inside the case against Barisone. The case made national headlines when Barisone was charged with attempting to kill Kanarek and Robert Goodwin at Barisone’s Long Valley, N.J., training center.

Battiste talked with both Barisone and Kanarek, whose paths crossed in 2018 when Kanarek was being trained and housed by Barisone and his staff at his New Jersey farm. Neither could have imagined then where their mutual love of horses would take them. Their relationship soured, they say, over the level of training Barisone provided to Kanarek. She then began posting messages on Facebook branding him a bully, racist and antisemitic – allegations Barisone denies.

“CBS 48 Hours” “The Shooting of Lauren Kanarek”

48 HOURS: “The Shooting of Lauren Kanarek” is a story about a top Olympic competitor’s fall from grace, and the student he allegedly tried to kill. It also raises serious questions about social media, and whether someone can be harassed enough online to mentally snap, shoot someone and then claim temporary insanity as a defense in court, as Barisone did. Kanarek and her family do not believe Barisone’s story, that he had no idea what he was doing when he pulled the trigger.

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