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48 Hours: Unmasking the Zombie Hunter October 21 2023 New Episode

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Tonight Friday (October 21 2023) “48 Hours” Who Wanted Nicki Dead?

The October 21 edition of “48 Hours” starts at 10PM ET/PT on CBS. The murders of two young Phoenix, Ariz., women killed 10 months apart in 1992 and 1993 went unsolved for more than two decades. Investigators found the same DNA on both victims but had no match. Then, thanks to new technology, police had a person of interest, and tracked him in an unusual way.

Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on the case and the trail to the killer in 48 HOURS: “Unmasking the Zombie Hunter”

Angela Brosso, 21, and Melanie Bernas, 17, were separately killed while riding their bikes along the Phoenix Canal.

“These murders became widely known as the Phoenix Canal Murders,” says Briana Whitney, the true-crime reporter for CBS affiliate KPHO-TV in Phoenix.

Investigators got a break 21 years after the murders when, thanks to DNA and genetic genealogy, they zeroed in on 42-year-old Bryan Patrick Miller, a divorced father raising his teenage daughter. Investigators soon found out that Miller had an alter ego. He was a local celebrity known for participating in parades and festivals as the “Zombie Hunter,” a zombie-slaying comic book hero armed with a larger-than-life Gatling gun.

Detectives just needed a sample of Miller’s DNA to make the case or eliminate him as a suspect. That quest took them to a local Chili’s.

At 9:00 PM, Erin Moriarty has the latest in a case she’s covered for 26 years in an encore of “48 HOURS: The Daughters Who Disappeared.”

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