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48 Hours: Who Wanted Nicki Dead? October 7 2023 New Episode

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Tonight Friday (October 7 2023) “48 Hours” Who Wanted Nicki Dead?

The October 7 edition of “ 48 Hours” starts at 10PM ET/PT on CBS.  

Nicole “Nicki” Lenway, a crime scene investigator for the Minneapolis Police Department, was gunned down in broad daylight and left for dead in a parking lot and the shooting was captured on camera. In her first television interview, Lenway talks exclusively with 48 HOURS correspondent Erin Moriarty in “Who Wanted Nicki Dead?”

“Someone wanted me dead,” Lenway tells Moriarty.

Lenway was shot while picking up her child from a parenting center. That’s when her life changed.

“I’m halfway in between my vehicle and the door. And this person comes running up from behind me,” Lenway tells Moriarty. “Shots were being fired. I fell to the ground … And the shooter stands over me and continues to try to shoot … I felt my neck and then could see the blood.”

Emilie Clancy was driving by and stopped to help.

“I just looked her in the eyes … And I said, ‘Nicki, we’ve got this. We’ve got this,’” Clancy says. “‘Just stay with me.’”

The shooting was caught on surveillance video, though the suspect could not be easily identified. Lenway was sure the shooter was a woman. But why target Lenway? Could it have been connected to her police work, or something else?

“I knew that this could happen,” Lenway says, “but I didn’t want to believe it would.”

Investigators learned that her ex-boyfriend and father of her child had what appeared to be an air-tight alibi, though they began to believe he was involved somehow. The investigation then turned to a suspect no one imagined.

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