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CBS “60 Minutes” New February 12 2023 | Canada’s Unmarked Graves | Sharswood

60 minutes

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Canada’s Unmarked Graves

In 2021, when archaeologists detected what they believed to be 200 unmarked graves at an old school in Canada, it brought new attention to one of the most shameful chapters of that nation’s history. Anderson Cooper reports on Canada’s residential school system, where more than 150,000 indigenous children were sent after being forcibly removed from their communities.

Produced by Michael H. Gavshon and Nadim Roberts


Lesley Stahl visits Fred Miller and his family in the large house in southern Virginia that they bought to host family gatherings, only to discover that their own ancestors had once been enslaved on that very property. Miller’s sister and cousins scoured historical records and enlisted a genealogist, who found evidence that their great-great-grandparents, Violet and David Miller, were enslaved on the plantation, then called Sharswood. The dilapidated building still standing behind the main house has been identified by archeologists as living quarters for some of the enslaved men and women on the plantation. Buying this home opened a window into the Miller family’s past that they had never discussed, and that many African American families struggle to obtain. This is a double-length segment.

Satah Koch is the producer.

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