Corner gas Lance Storm

Corner Gas Animated TV Show with Pro Wrestlers

Looks like Corner gas will be mixing it up with some professional wrestlers on an episode of their animated series. The special appearances include Bret Hard, Lance Storm and Trist Stratus and will air 10/26/2020 at 9pm est on CTV Comedy

The Corner Gas Animated TV Show is based off of the Canadian sitcom

When Brent and Hank spot their favorite wrestler Lance Fury (Lance Stormin Dog River, it’s a dream come true! Until they discover Lance has retired and come to town to interview Emma for his gardening podcast. Lance’s interest in Emma makes Oscar jealous who vows to seek revenge. When Fury’s nemesis “The Bad Mechanic” (Bret Hart) learns he’s in Dog River, he tracks him down for the ultimate showdown. Meanwhile, Lacey is worried her SHAUNA home assistant (Trish Stratus) is going to spy on her, so she gifts SHAUNA to Wanda. When Wanda bonds with SHAUNA, Lacey gets jealous. Karen and Davis accidentally buy the world’s best personal massage unit with their police budget and try to prove to Fitzy that it’s police equipment.

The episode debuts tonight in Canada with a U.S premiere date in the future
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