Danhausen And Mance Warner

Danhausen And Mance Warner Suffer Injuries At NGW Event

Danhausen and Mance Warner both suffered ankle injuries

Danhausen and Mance Warner both suffered ankle injuries this past weekend. This happened at a Next Generation Wrestling event in Tennessee entitled “Nightmare In The Old City” show on October 31st. Although Danhausen and Mance Warner went to the hospital together after the injury. It was indicated that Mance Warner suffered more of an injury between the two. He was apparently grabbing his knee as well. According to Sean Ross Sapp

Danhausen Was Trending on Twitter

Danhausen was trending on Twitter recently after ROH made their announcement in regards to ceasing operations in Q1 of 2022 with a return in April. Because of that, there was seeming to be a major push by fans for AEW to sign him.

Danhausen And Mance Warner
Danhausen And Mance Warner

In like fashion, Mance Warner was released from his MLW contract earlier this week with speculation on where he might end up. He and partner Matthew Justice (Second Gear Crew) recently lost their GCW tag team titles when they faced The Briscoes at GCW “War Ready” in California on October 23rd

Tweets posted below from Sapp and Danhausen.

This is quite the undertaking for the Independent wrestling scene right now. Both seeming like they would be free to take on bookings they havent been able to because of contract obligations. There were rumors in early 2020 of Warner possibly showing up in AEW but that never came to fruition. In relation to that, early 2020 is the last time we saw Mance Warner in an MLW ring. Danhausen is one hell of a character, depending on how bad his injury is I can still see him making appearances doing his whole schtick. And he has been on Conan O’Brien in particular, above all he will be fine. In addition to that, they will both be fine. Looking beyond all of this, it’ll just take them both a bit to recover from the injury and eventually get back to being top prospects for the top promotions.

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