deal or no deal island 2024

Deal or No Deal Island March 11 2024 on NBC “Are You Fearless?” New Episode Preview

deal or no deal island 2024

NBC reality series “Deal or No Deal island” airs Monday (March 11 2024) with an all-new episode

Deal or No Deal Island tonight airs at 10:00 PM EST on NBC, this is the March 11 edition. If you would like to watch previous episodes, you can do so on and Peacock TV. Is Deal or No Deal Island new tonight? YES, listed as season 1 episode 3

The Voice Tonight “Are You Fearless?”

With the largest prize in “Deal or No Deal” history on the line, the 11 remaining players compete at dizzying heights. With tensions high, a fight breaks out as one player makes a game-altering decision. Joe Manganiello hosts.

America’s best undiscovered talent goes head-to-head on teams led by four of today’s biggest musical icons, who playfully compete against each other while mentoring these inspiring singers in search of the next superstar Voice.

Hosted by Joe Manganiello.

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What is Deal or No Deal Island about?
In a new twist on the classic game show hosted by Joe Manganiello, 13 contestants travel to the banker’s private island, where they compete in daring challenges to find hidden briefcases worth over $200 million. Then, a player is selected to face the banker in a game of “Deal or No Deal,” where they bank some cash for the group pot, hoping to make a good deal and avoid being eliminated from the competition. In the end, only one contestant will outplay the others and finally beat the banker for a shot at winning the ultimate prize.