”Don’t Mess This Up, WWE. Money In The Bank Edition”

Don't Mess This Up, WWE. Money In The Bank Edition

Hey Yo! It’s Jordan Turner, and I am him. I’m back again with another opinion piece on DiscussPW. And today the topic for today’s newest article has to do with next Saturday’s Premier Live Event, ”Money In The Bank” which takes in The United Kingdom. The ”Money In The Bank” concept has lost its luster where we’ve seen wrestlers such as Otis, Austin Theory, and Nikki Cross were flopped because they weren’t booked well. There is a massive opportunity for WWE to give the fans want they want in the winners of both ladder matches. Two potential winners for The Men’s ”Money In The Bank” ladder match exist. And as far as the women are concerned, I see three winners who can win The Women’s ”Money In The Bank” ladder match.

Is Logan Paul winning?

Logan Paul was announced this past Monday, and fans lost their minds. Fans on social media started to get concerned because they were scared that there was a real possibility that management/creative would go with Logan Paul to win Men’s ”Money In The Bank” ladder match. The WWE loves Logan Paul, and the booking proves that. Logan Paul is a real contender to win that briefcase, and he feuded with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39. And now, Logan Paul is considered to win come next Saturday. If he does win, I can see him cashing in his briefcase against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam and successfully defeating him. If you are a fan out there and are nervous because you believe Logan Paul will win ”Money In The Bank.” You should be. Logan Paul shouldn’t win because he isn’t a full-time wrestler; if he does win, many full-time wrestlers will get angry along with fans. When he was announced, many WWE fans started ranting about why he shouldn’t win. Do I want him to win? No.

Is LA Knight winning?

The popular name known as LA Knight will be in The Men’s ”Money In The Bank.” And the entire WWE Universe wants and expects LA Knight to win next Saturday. His popularity cannot go unnoticed anymore, and WWE management knows that. There’s pressure on WWE to go with LA Knight and have him win because he’s a star in the making. I recently just saw John Cena’s post on Instagram, and it was a picture of LA Knight. With LA Knight winning, WWE has a huge opportunity to showcase LA Knight face current World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins potentially at SummerSlam.

IO Sky Or Bust!

WWE cannot afford to mess this up, especially regarding The Women’s ”Money In The Bank” and potential winner. You look at the line-up and see three women realistically win. You have Becky Lynch, who is WWE’s most prominent women’s star and is always a threat. The problem is she’s won multiple World Championships, and I believe she needs a break from being in the title picture. My problem with her is that she and Charlotte Flair were always in the championship picture. IO Sky is a breakout star, a megastar in the making, and WWE knows that. The booking of her has been disappointing, especially when she was and still is in ”Damage CNTR.” I can see her not winning due to Bayley interfering and coasting her the briefcase because her mindset is ”if I don’t win. We both aren’t winning.” IO Sky is unbelievable and deserves to win next Saturday, and we need to see her versus WWE Women’s Champion Asuka. Nobody else should be in consideration to win besides IO Sky, and WWE knows that. 99% of fans want her to win!

The WWE cannot mess up because there will be a lot of eyes on them regarding this concept. If I were WWE, I would go with what the fans want and have plans for them. Will the winners successfully cash in? That’s up for WWE to decide. Thanks, everybody, for supporting me and my articles on DiscssPW. Until next time, duces.