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Dr. Phil Show Guests & Listings for the Week of April 4 2022

Upcoming guests and more on this week’s (April 4, 2021) all-new episodes of the “Dr. Phil” show

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Check out this week’s “Dr. Phil” show guests and listings below.

Monday, April 4

Brenda and her husband, Andy, say they’re desperately worried about Brenda’s daughter, Autumn, who is living off the grid somewhere in the desert in Arizona, without housing, money or a job. They say they believe Autumn has been brainwashed by her spiritual husband, Mark, to make some very unsafe decisions. But, Autumn disagrees and says she and Mark are in love, and they’ll always follow each other because their “ship is going in the same direction.” Autumn’s younger sister, Kaitlyn, says she’s even thought about driving out to Arizona and trying to force her sister to move back home to live with their family in Wisconsin. Dr. Phil talks with the entire family about how to encourage positive change for Autumn and Mark, and offers real possibilities for them to seek the careers they claim are their dream jobs working on a ranch with animals.

Tuesday, April 5

Cassie says the stress of raising four children, including her 15-year-old daughter, Brinley, is making her physically ill. She claims Brinley is constantly smoking pot, vaping, and running away. She says that recently, Brinley disappeared for three days and claims she was kidnapped before making a daring escape from her captors! But Cassie also says her husband, Jonah, is addicted to drugs and uses alcohol to excess and that his unsafe behaviors while under the influence have caused him to become a danger to her children. Dr. Phil enlists Brinley’s help to try and get her mom to see the real problem in this family. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday, April 6

Cassie insists her teen daughter’s behavior is the root cause of her family’s dysfunction, despite her husband, Jonah, being addicted to drugs and alcohol and endangering their children. Dr. Phil presents Cassie with a difficult choice: pick your children or your husband. Cassie’s mother, Sandy, also joins and says she believes her granddaughter’s behavior will never improve until her parents get their act together. What will Cassie decide? Find out!

Thursday, April 7

Two women say they believed they had met Prince Charming on Tinder – but had no idea they were dealing with an alleged international con man. Cecile and Pernilla gained international attention after starring in the Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler, where they shared their story about the man they claim duped them and left them heartbroken and in debt. They say Simon Leviev seemed perfect, handsome, well-traveled, and very rich. They say he told them he was the son of a diamond mogul known as the “King of diamonds,” an allegation he denies. But both women claim he was really a scammer who conned them and other women, stealing their life savings. Leviev, who has not been charged with any crimes against either woman, insists he is a legitimate businessman and not a con artist.

Friday, April 8

A rideshare driver claims she was left fighting for her life after being kidnapped, attacked, and left for dead by a teenage passenger with a sinister plan. In an exclusive interview, she describes the attack she claims she survived on her ride. Plus, a single mother of five is arrested and thrown behind bars for allowing her adolescent daughter to babysit her younger child while she went to work. She speaks out in an exclusive interview.

Listings are subject to change.

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