Eric Bischoff AEW Wembley

Eric Bischoff on AEW going to Wembley

AEW is making a bold move by taking their wrestling show to Wembley Stadium in August, impressing both fans and critics alike. Eric Bischoff, who has been critical of AEW in the past, believes that AEW is in a much better position than WCW was to capitalize on an international trip, thanks to their “new car smell” and growing reputation. Bischoff predicts that the Wembley show will be a cultural event that attracts fans from Europe and beyond, and he believes that AEW’s commitment to running “serious tours” in “serious venues” will greatly benefit their distribution in Europe. He draws from his experience in WCW to highlight that European networks are more interested in shows and companies that visit European markets regularly, something that WCW was unable to do. Bischoff concludes by stating that AEW’s international television distribution is poised for tremendous growth, thanks to their upcoming Wembley show and commitment to expanding their presence in Europe.

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