FBI True Tonight

FBI True November 21 2023 on CBS “Hunting Hanssen: America’s Deadliest Traitor” New Episode

FBI True Tonight

Thursday (November 21, 2023) the hit Paramount+/CBS series “FBI True” airs an all new episode.

The November 21 episode of FBI True airs at 9 PM ET on CBS. You can watch previous episodes on Paramount+. and CBS.com.

FBI True “Hunting Hanssen: America’s Deadliest Traitor”

An FBI investigative specialist is sent undercover inside FBI Headquarters to unearth information on Robert Hanssen, who would be revealed as the most damaging spy in FBI history, having sold vital national secrets to the Russians for decades.

FBI agents talk frankly about the triumphs, tragedies and real truths of their jobs, sharing hair-raising stories of dangerous missions carried out by the FBI in the United States and worldwide. With everything on the line, what choices did they make? How did they keep their cool with a kidnapped child’s life in danger, or with a bomb ticking in an unknown location, or a terrorist on the loose? Frank conversations between agents reveal an inside look at the investigations behind some of the biggest cases handled by the FBI.

Executive producersCraig Turk, Shawn Efran, Susan Zirinsky, Anne C. Beagan, Terence Wrong, Azadeh De Leon

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