GCW Planet Death Card, Details and Tickets

GCW Planet Death

GCW will be holding an event titled “Planet Death” during wrestlemania week, this event will be taking place at The Embarcadero Building, Fair Park, Dallas, Texas on Thursday, March 31, 2022. The event is set to feature Jon Moxley, Mickie James, Joey Janela and so much more. Check out the card and details below.

GCW Planet Death

Event start time 12:59AM ET 11:59PM CT

  • Sadika vs. Jimmy Lloyd
  • Reed vs. Hoodfoot
  • Akira vs. Cole Radrick
  • Sawyer Wreck vs. Brandon Kirk
  • Slade vs. Bam Sullivan
  • Hoodfoot vs. Mad Man Pondo
  • Shane Mercer vs. Neil Diamond Cutter

Tickets for the GCW “Planet Death” at The Embarcadero Building are available here.

This event is part of The Collective, you can view all of the shows and details in our events section

This show is available to stream on Fite.tv. Consider purchasing The Collective bundle on Fite.tv if you are watching more than one show this week!

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